Essay about Effects Of Divorce On Children With Disabilities

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The term divorce means that a couple who were in love married and then want to be legally unbound from their partner for some specific reason. The reasons can cover from someone being unfaithful, children with disabilities, communication issues, and many other things. The previous statement was just some of the reasons that people tend to get divorced over. Divorce leads to children only having one parent or the bouncing back and forth to each parents house though a decision made by the parents’ or a decision made by the court. This depends on how the parents’ communicate and if they want to be corporative with each other to still be able to raise their child or children.
Divorce cause the children to have the stress of going back and forth, the different things at different houses, parents’ fighting over different things, and other things. This process also affects the parents’ that are in divorce and most of the issues that come from divorce tend to be economic issues or financial issues that in fact put mostly mothers into poverty. This sometimes happens to men but they are normally better off, because of this we need to have different social services that need to help with this particular social issue. Poverty alleviation programs are brought up in many different ways such as child support from the non-custodial parent, programs that help with food or utilities, and a specific case study that had taken place in Texas but can be seen in many of the other states in the…

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