Trevorce Argumentative Essay

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“The divorce rate of marriages is about 40-50% in America, that means half of marriages end in divorce.” So why is a thing that looked down upon them but now is so frequent? Well one huge issue is self- happiness. Both views on divorce will be discussed and hopefully you will understand why divorce is not good. My view on divorce is, even though you come across trials and tribulations that shouldn 't cause you to end a marriage in divorce. I believe that there are three major characteristics of a divorce: views on divorce, results of divorce, and ways to avoid divorce.
To start things off the meaning of divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. That means that you are legally calling it quits and becoming
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The first way to avoid broken relationships is to be patient, don 't rush anything, God will reveal to you if they are the right person. Most divorces are results of people who never had that fire, they just were in it for their selfish reasons. Either looks or money are the biggest reasons why people get into relationships. But when the money is gone and you grow old there 's nothing there. That 's why I think you should only get married if they edify you and you become so attached that you can 't live without that person and they make you a better you. Sure arguments and friction occur, but they are only test from God and I think they are meant to bring you closer. A different way divorce can be avoided is a law is passed to make it very hard to get a divorce, where you only get one if you really needed one not just for relationship jumping. My view on this is that I know and heard a lot of people say how the kids nowadays have no respect, morals, or idea of settling down and having a family. But no one is doing anything about it; a good starting point is making it so hard to get a divorce that people that really don’t need it will rethink their situation. I believe as soon as we start doing that structure in the home will be complete as it once was. Respect, morals, and views on things I think most of the time come from a child’s first hero, which is their

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