Effects Of Divorce On Children And Children Essay example

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l breakdown describes a distressing process characterized by emotional distance, dissatisfaction, and frequent thoughts and discussions about whether and how to separate.” (Gay C. Kitson 's (1992) It is well understood that when divorce happens children need to adapt to seeing one parent on a more infrequent basis. Many times these altering changes are not positive, suddenly the child loses the favor of one parent. 3“ Child experts have written that psychologically, the quality of attachment relationships is a major factor associated with the well-being of very young children.”(Baumeister,1995)
There is a direct correlation between the attachment theories assessment in explaining the effects divorce has on children. For a variety of reasons our children suffer from emotional and behavioral issues. One classification of such traumas would be divorce.
Attachments are the emotional bonds that infants develop with their parents and other key caregivers. These attachments remain crucial for development and well-being; Primary care givers should be stable and provide warmth, affection and overall safe haven for their children. 4“Building an emotional attachment to the caregiver is very important for “first six years of life”, (Haiman, 2014). One of the most important factors in life is our attachment with our mother or immediate caregiver. The mother child bond is the most significant motivator for the child, the dependency from food to shelter is enlisted to this…

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