Effects Of Democratization In China

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Democratization prospects for China have long been debated. How, if ever, will China change gears toward becoming a democratic society? Since World War I, many countries in Eastern Europe and Asia were met with a tremendous change in political climate as their communist regimes collapsed and citizens prepared to uphold the victory of democratic values. This, understandably, brought about much curiosity about a potential future fall of the Chinese communist party and China’s future prospects for a functional liberal Democracy. One of the most important factors to take note of is China’s dramatic economic growth spanning the last 20 years, a growth that has positioned China’s future towards becoming one of the largest economies in the world. …show more content…
In order for China to even begin the process towards a Democracy, this much is true: the desire will need to come about during a certain combination of conditions within China, and will need to come from political leaders, from the top-down (Lecture, Taiwan democracy, Week 5). The rising economically-driven middle class will not be enough to produce a change in political climate and the booming economy only hinders the process of Democratization, as most citizens will trade a free Democracy for economic stability with the Communist Party. It is hard to tell how, if ever, the Chinese will shift toward democratization. As many of the readings have noted, democratization can happen suddenly or gradually, during economic growth, or economic crisis. The combination of political, social and economic conditions are what can better measure the length and curvature of the road for China towards a fully functioning, liberal Democracy. What we can be sure of, however, is that China as a Democracy will be a positive change. Their position as an economic powerhouse in the coming decades is very dependent on this as respect for China in the global community can be expected to increase if Democracy is

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