Essay On Political Changes In China

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When you think of China what come to mind . When I think of china I think about their political change through the years , Rapidly growing economy , and lastly there large trade system. Throughout the years China has faced a tremendous amount of challenges within their government party. From leader like Mao Zedong, who was the leader of the communist party who ran the china in an autocratic way . Through his time if leadership within the party china faced plenty amount of problems within the country like the great leap forward. Until Mao died and Deng Xiaoping took office plenty of problems that needed to be resolve actually got resolved . This brought plenty of new ideas to china 's that would benefit them in a big way since the open door …show more content…
The Great Leap Forward was centered on a new socioeconomic this involved both of the social and economic factors within china. This brought out a mass steel campaign and the formation of the people’s communes. On one part, all the people in the country were organized to help produce the amount of steel that was needed. Life was changed for this battle to produce more steel. They had a backyard with small furnaces that were built where everyone had a daily shift. For the collection of use iron, cooking pots was smashed and door handles, melted. Only later did the people realize that the quality of the products was so poor that it couldn’t possibly be used for anything. This brought a tremendous amount of problems since people were making steel and not farming this provided a lack of crops within china. In the article “The Great Leap Forward” it states “the backyard production method had taken many workers away from their fields – so desperately needed food was not being harvested”. The reason as to why crops weren 't being harvest is because the people of china, especially the lower class part of china made making iron into their everyday life and forgot about the most important

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