The Effects Of Religion On Health

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Cultural Beliefs
Miss. ER is a faithful Christian who attends church every Sunday. Current research shows a link between religion and its effects on health. Positive religious coping methods (working with a higher power to cope with stressors and seeking the higher power for guidance) provide comfort in times of stress and have a positive impact on health behaviors (Holt, Clark, Debnam, & Roth, 2014). Conversely, negative religious coping methods (belief of abandonment by God, God is using stressors for punishment for sins, or the stressor is an act of the Devil) have a negative impact on health behaviors and have been associated with increased mortality (Holt et al., 2014). As an illustration, if Miss. ER applies positive religious coping
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Provided that the patient was newly prescribed Coumadin, she would need to be educated on the medication. In terms the patient could understand the author would explain that Coumadin is for the prophylactic treatment of a DVT and pulmonary embolism (Vallerand, Sanoski, & Deglin, 2013). Also, it is important to educate that Coumadin decreases clotting factors that are synthesized by vitamin K, therefore, foods high in vitamin K should be limited (Vallerand et al., 2013). To list a few, mustard greens, turnips, milk, beans, and asparagus are rich in vitamin K (Vallerand et al., 2013). Additionally, the author would advise the patient to report symptoms such as unusual bleeding and bruising (Vallerand et al., 2013). Equally important, Miss.ER would need to be educated on range of motion and strength exercises. This would benefit her health greatly by increasing strength, improving circulation, opening up the airways, thus, preventing pneumonia and atelectasis, and it may even aid in reducing her weight. Also, it would be important to consult a nutritionist to educate Miss.ER on a healthy well-balanced diet to reduce obesity. Miss. ER would need to be instructed to take her weight daily and if her weight increases my 2lb in one day or 5 lb. within a week she needs to contact her primary physician. Lastly, Miss. ER should be instructed to monitor her BP

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