Effects Of Childhood Obesity On The United States Essay

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A Proposal to Help Change Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is a problem in a number of countries around the world and is a rising problem in the United States. With adult and childhood obesity rates on the rise something must be done to help prevent this immense issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 18% of all children and teens in the United States are obese, and the numbers have tripled since 1980 (Combatting childhood obesity, 2015). But who is at fault for the increase of weight in children? There are many accusations of different things to place the blame but, has anyone truly looked at the places selling these fast food products, the schools, and the advertisements that children are seeing while they are watching their favorite cartoons. Fast food industries spend millions of dollars in advertising trying to target their audience to persuade them to come and try their mouth-watering and delicious products, a lot of the audience being a younger crowd. The cause of childhood obesity is not always parent’s faults or the lack of good nutrition and exercise in children’s lives, marketing and advertisements play a major role as well. There are many ways to help prevent childhood obesity, including proper education of healthy eating habits at young ages, encouraging exercise, and being active in children’s lives when it comes to entertainment and advertising. It is time that people start getting involved.
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