The Psychological Effects Of Childhood Obesity In The Medical World

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Just in the last 30 years alone obesity has more than doubled in children alone. Childhood obesity is defined, in the medical world, as a medical condition when a child who is dramatically overweight and has excess body fat for their age group and their height. Obesity affects about 20% of children in the world and this number is increasing year by year. Childhood obesity is a medical condition that affects children of all race, ages and height. Obesity in children is more common than people may think. Every 1 in 3 children has childhood obesity. This is a condition that is starting to affect more and more children each year which is just leading to more health conditions.
Childhood obesity can be traced back all the way to the early 1960’s
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Children who are obese don’t really have many signs and/or symptoms. They suffer from other things like depression, anxiety and low self esteem. These things come from being overweight. They can get bullied and made fun of by other students at school and this can make their self esteem level go down. This can even lead to them feeling insecure and unhappy in their own skin. Children who are overweight can often be called “fat” by others some of them there own friends and others just peers they go to school with. It may seem as just a harmful joke to them but to the actual obese child it can really hurt them. They can become sad and often feel lonely and like they don’t have any friends. These symptoms are more psychological than actual signs and symptoms you can see. Even if the child is not bullied they can still suffer from these psychological issues. They may seem themselves as being fat and just become unhappy with who they are. Some people may accept themselves for who they are and still live a very happy lifestyle while other children will not see themselves like this and won’t be very happy with who they are. Being obese comes with a price when it comes to loving yourself and being happy. Children who are obese and suffer from these types of psychological issues can grow up and cause more problems not only with their weight but with their mental health as well. Changing their lifestyle can help them overcome these psychological issues and maybe even help them overcome their

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