Effects Of Caffeine On America 's Adults Essay

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My hands shaking, I exchange my $5 bill for yet another 16 ounce coffee beverage. The drink has taken over my life. My condition could be labeled as a caffeine dependence, but I think it’s purely a coffee addiction. The rush of soda is weak in comparison and leads to a quick burnout, and energy drinks turn me into pure jitters. Coffee, though, is perfect; I’m hooked on the taste and the way it makes me feel. I depend on it to wake me up, to feel good, to truly experience the day. It can make me jittery and increase my anxiety, but I genuinely love coffee and the amount of caffeine it provides. Luckily, I’m not alone with this habit. Caffeine has been named the “most widely consumed mood altering drug in the world,” and coffee is the leading source of caffeine for America’s adults (Caffeine Dependence). The average daily intake of adult caffeine drinkers is 280 mg, which is equivalent to 17 ounces of coffee. That may not seem like too much, but it only takes 100 mg of caffeine a day to lead to physical dependence in most people (Caffeine Dependence). Without fail, I brew a cup of coffee each morning to wake me up and feel prepared for the day ahead. If I forget this part of breakfast, my day will begin with an uncomfortable grogginess that later evolves into a pounding headache. This cup is one that I absolutely need and consume without fail. I would agree to coffee any time of the day if it were offered to me, but I don’t normally feel like I must have it again until…

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