Effects Of Binge Drinking On American Campuses Essay examples

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Just One More Drink for the Fun of It “Let’s get together and do some drinking this weekend!!” That statement is one heard among the college community nationwide nowadays. Binge drinking with others to gain new friends and meet people, among other reasons, on college campuses is the thought process many students believe today. “The Harvard School of Public Health found in 1993 that binge drinking is widespread on American campuses, particularly among members of fraternities and sororities (Bruffee, 1999).” If one thinks binge drinking and partying while in college is “cool” and the best way to make new friends, think again! Binge drinking is a career killer with terrible consequences, getting the available help when it becomes out of control is the key to gaining a successful college education and finishing school. Friends or no friends! First-year college students start out with few friendships in the beginning and typically have a strong desire to make new friends as soon as possible. Some have a belief making new friends requires participating in binge drinking, but doing so is not worth the risk. “Binge drinking is tied to some of the most desired aspects of American college life-parties, social lines, dormitory living, athletics, and interaction with friends (Wechsler, Dowdall, Davenport, and Castillo, 1995).” Every college student wants to have fun while attending college, but sometimes the fun gets out of control. “The reason ‘to have…

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