Essay on Effects Of Beach On The Beach

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Introduction Beach morphology is a key factor in helping determine the sediment interaction between not only the ocean but the surrounding environment as well. On September 23rd, 2016 at 1500-1645 hours’ group 3 of MSCI 112 collected local data of the morphology of Myrtle Beach State Park, SC, US. With the help of the data collected on site as well as the data collected in the lab our main objective is to able to learn more about the impact on the beach as well as the interactions it has with the environment.
Longshore Transport At 1600 hours, using grapefruits, a measuring tape and a stop watch, we measured the average velocity of the waves in duplicates. After the two trials the average velocity of the transport was .35 Knots to the east. Using our fingers and our mobile devices, we were able to determine that the wind velocity was 7 mph from the northeast with a storm coming from that direction as well. During this time, it was observed that the waves were at 1.5 feet and coming in head on with a wave period of 1 second.
Beach Profile At 1530 hours, using standard profiling equipment, we started to measure the profile of the beach. Starting at the primary facing dune we used the standard profiling equipment to take measurements every five feet to measure the elevation and the horizontal distance until the swash zone was reached. Once the data was collected it was graphed (figure 1.) helping show that as the elevation decreases the horizontal distance increases…

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