Effects Of Alcohol Consumption On Popular Recreational Soft Drugs

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When you hear the word Drugs, whats the first thing that comes to mind? A nightclub full of adolescents, hopped up on happy pills raving until night turns to day, or going down to the liquor store to buy a bottle of wine with dinner? Decriminalising recreational soft drugs is something that cannot be taken lightly, and a decision that can have many negative, but also positive outcomes. My initial opinion and evaluation of this essay prompt is quite a varied opinion, as this is a very weak deductive argument that begs the question. Alcohol as a drug itself is just as, if not more harmful than soft drugs but, as it is deemed socially acceptable, it is legal for sale, distribution and consumption. The reason behind this essay is to read and research the effects, harms and outcomes of alcohol consumption compared to most recreational soft drugs to evaluate whether or not these soft drugs should be de-criminalised, for an assignment tasked to me within DIP 1001. This Essay will be structured with with 4 main parts, an introduction, summary outline, evaluation and conclusion of the essay prompt provided.
We can argue and contemplate to study the effects or harms of recreational soft drugs on society and people as individuals and compare those findings against alcohol to deem a suitable outcome. For a simple statement such as this exam prompt to suggest that just because recreational drugs may not be as harmful as alcohol it should be de criminalised is a poorly educated statement…

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