Essay about Effects Of Advertising On Society And Individuals

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Advertising, it is everywhere. No matter where you go, or who you are, there is an ad for every demographic. There is no way to escape it, and never will be. Because of this, there is a large debate if it is detrimental or beneficial to society and individuals.. Some may say that advertising is detrimental to society, but in reality it has positive effects. It can influence, educate, and inspire.

Advertising, summarized is just plain educational. It is “teaching, pure and simple.” (Doc C) Whether we know it or not, these edify us on the daily. A milk ad has underlying tones that it will strengthen your bones, just like placing a map in the classroom will unknowingly teach you geography. (Doc C) It updates you on who is running for office, the effects of drunk driving, what type of toothpastes are out there. (Doc D) There is a lot of things that children are just expected to pick up or figure out on their own and these advertisements help with that process. Parents can try their best but they are bound to leave something out because of the overwhelming things to be taught. That is where these proclamations pick up the slack and show them how things work with products or with life. They also use tactics that are not instantly recognized by the human mind so children or adults may never even realize that the ad is simply far more than an ad.

When one is watching a commercial, it seems like a mindless activity to do until the show comes back, or if you 're driving and…

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