Effectiveness Of The Articles Of Confederation

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After the long and dreadful American Revolution was over, it was a time to rejoice and celebrate, but, however, though the thirteen colonies were free from Britain’s tyranny; it was also time to establish themselves as a respectable and stable country. This required America to form a new government, which is known as the Articles of Confederation. The Articles of the Confederation were America’s first form of self-government. Though the articles of confederation were in some cases successful. The overall effectiveness was disastrous, many times the articles of confederation was tested through circumstances and failed. For example, there was no executive branch to enforce any acts passed by Congress. During its short lifespan, the Articles of Confederation became increasingly ineffective at governing the continually growing American states. The main causes of this ineffectiveness aroused from a lack of stable foreign relations and economic conditions; however there was one benefit, which was the settlement of western lands. Nevertheless the end the Articles of Confederation were one of the most inadequate form of government created in history.
There were multiple inadequate features of the Articles of Confederation. For instance, there were
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Though the Articles of Confederation had few effective means to enforce its laws, raise revenue, or regulate the economy. For instance, the attained western lands from the Native Americans, but in the end the Articles of Confederation was destined to fail in every way, because before it could inforce laws to benefit the country, it contradicted itself by allowing the separation of states. The results of this was disorganized and chaotic, and I myself is glad that our founding fathers realized this and developed the

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