Effective Use Of Offender Profiles During A Criminal Case Essay

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Discussion Bennel’s study examines the effective use of offender profiles during a criminal case. There is strong criticism toward the use of profiling in the justice system because of the ambiguity that surrounds many of the statements made by experts in profiling. Multiple personality traits made up of vague statements are frequently taken into perspective as part of these outlined criminal behaviours. The aforementioned ambiguity creates doubt in what may constitute an aspect of the recommended profile leading to a narrowed suspect pool that does not accurately represent the offender. The current study, similar to participants of the early Barnum studies, suggests individuals may be able to attribute inexplicit characteristics toward a larger than necessary population such as Bennel’s example of a “social misfit” (Bennel, 2). The study examined how likely police officers were to consciously or unconsciously manipulate the profile to match the suspect description they had received. The officers were randomly sorted into two groups, one receiving the purely the genuine suspect while the other receiving purely the bogus suspect. The use of a ten-point scale was implemented, with three categories to scale including usefulness, uniqueness and accuracy allowing the police officers to evaluate their opinion of the profile and its application. Considering this, Bennel’s hypothesis states that when given a profile which a suspect can be matched to, the person receiving said…

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