Essay on Effective Explicit And Systematic Strategies

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Teachers need to be equipped with an abundance of different effective explicit and systematic strategies to develop their student’s success in reading skills. Creating opportunities to achieve this goal, lies within understanding and supporting the needs of all students both in and outside the classroom.
The ability to read and write is two of the most fundamental aspects in a child’s development while at school (Morcom, 2005). The development of a child’s reading will directly affect their ability to write, it is therefore the opinion that reading is one of the most important skills for a child to learn and develop in the early stages of their life (Morcom, 2005). Studies have shown there are five defined reading instruction skills children must develop, namely; vocabulary, phonological awareness, phonics, comprehension and fluency (Barclay, 2009). These skills taught in a diverse, exciting, and motivating manner accompanied with effective explicit and systematic approaches are essential in students achieving success in reading instruction.
The ability to teach children in a classroom environment is only half the battle. Effective reading instruction needs to be applicable to outside the classroom, in order for students to make the connections from reading words in a book and being able to put them into context in everyday life (Macom, 2005). Teaching key skills and strategies of reading instruction are achieved by using higher student centred learning, where teachers…

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