Effect Of National And International Events On The Pacific Northwest

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Over the course of the 20th century the Pacific Northwest was largely shaped by events that occurred in both the national and international level. In the past the Pacific Northwest was a hinterland and therefore its economy was effected directly by events that occurred outside of the region. This trend continued during the 20th century as well; although the region was not a hinterland any more, it continued to grow and change based on events occurring outside of the region, whether it is global or within the nation. These events affected the region economically, through the depression and multiple wars occurring during this time, and socially through the removal of Japanese and the increased immigration of African Americans. All together these factors shaped and molded the Pacific Northwest and continue to do so today.
One of the major effects national and international events had on the Pacific Northwest was economically. During the 20th century there was a great economic downturn in the industrial world, and many people went unemployed. Called the Great Depression, it had a great effect on the United States as a whole, but it had the most impact on the Pacific Northwest, especially Washington. There was a lot of unemployment and the Northwest economy went stagnant. Many of the residents had to share their jobs and there was a reduction of work hours and wages, thus resulting in a lot of homelessness. During this time there were two very important senators, Jackson and…

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