Effect Of Direct Discrimination On Women Essay

1378 Words Dec 15th, 2014 null Page
Direct discrimination is purposely discriminating against another individual and the person who is doing this knows that they are doing this. For example, if an individual was to be racist or sexist towards another individual by saying something to them about their gender or race, that would be direct discrimination. Another example of direct discrimination would be if a traveller came into the surgery seeking treatment and they sat down, another patient may get up and move seats due to negative stereotypes. Such as; being unhygienic and unfriendly. The effects of direct discrimination may include low self-confidence and low-self esteem, this would be because it makes individuals feel unwanted and unwelcome where ever they go and they are being discriminated against characteristics about themselves they are unable to change. There are many way to overcome this within a GP surgery, one would be the surgery having a zero % tolerance policy against discrimination. This would mean that the surgery will not accept any discrimination, and if patients or staff are discriminating against others, there will consequences. For example, patients may be taken off the surgery 's ' register therefore the patient will have to find another surgery to seek treatment. Staff may have a report against them and possible a hearing to discuss their job as it is unprofessional and it is part of their job description to make sure no one is discriminated against and all patients feel welcome. To…

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