Essay on Edward Thorndike : An American Psychologist

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Edward Thorndike is an American psychologist that was born on August 31st, 1874 in Williamsburg, Massachusetts. Edward was the second child born to his father Edward Robert and Abbie Ladd Thorndike. His father was a Reverend for the Methodist Church, while his mother was a homemaker. The couple would eventually have more children after the birth of Edward, six in all. His father only expected the best from his children, all of his sons and daughters earned high marks in all of their classes. Edward and his siblings all earned academic scholarships due to their academic achievements, they would all go on to college and received degrees in their respective fields. Due to the requirements of being a reverend, Reverend Thorndike with his family moved to eight different towns. This would impact Edward’s social interactions, he often felt social uneasness and shy. Within all of the time that he spent by himself, he felt comfortable when researching all by his lonesome. His social uncomfortableness within society, would impact all of his work. After years of social awkwardness, Thorndike would open up and he was seen as a rugged bear. He was also known for being the friendliest person in the room, even if he had to rebuke someone.While being a reverend for the Methodist Church, Edward’s father pushed religion on his son. Edward was intrigued be science, at the time science was challenging religion. When Edward finally had the power of freedom, he choose to enroll at Wesleyan…

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