Essay about Edward John Mostyn Bowlby 's Theory Of Attachment

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Edward John Mostyn Bowlby was born on the 27th of February 1907 in London and died on the 2nd of September 1990 in Skye. He attended Trinity College, Cambridge and majored in natural sciences and psychology and then served as a psychologist in the army. After 1946 he worked at “the Tavistock Clinic and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.” (Goleman. D, 1990).
John Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment Volume 1 was published in 1969 and Volume 2 was published in 1973 and these detailed his theory of attachment in a child’s early years. He decided to pursue this theory as he was influenced by Konrad Lorenz’s work on attachment and his study on built in or innate attachment (1935). In this study Lorenz showed that goslings “followed the first moving object they see (usually the mother), 12-17 hours after hatching.” (Roy, 2012). Lorenz did a study where he took half of a nest of eggs and left the other half with the mother. When the goslings were born he imprinted them onto himself and discovered that if the goslings do not imprint onto anything in these critical hours then they will not imprint in later life. Bowlby believed that these behaviours are also shown in humans as well as animals. Bowlby discovered this through naturalistic studies that he and his colleague James Robertson conducted in 1948-1952 in Hampstead nurseries where Robertson had been on staff and observed children “who had gone either to a residential nursery or to a hospital, some of them for a week or two…

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