Essay about Educational Policies Guide Professional Practice

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Policy Research Paper: Teacher Evaluation Educational policies guide professional practice. By developing policies, agencies determine appropriate courses of action to aid individuals in applying a set of procedures in a systematic and equitable manner. My essay describes the Spotsylvania County Public School’s (SCPS) policy on Teacher Evaluation and traces its roots through the various levels of regulatory entities.
Description of Policy
Policy GCN (2014) inaugurates the evaluation program for all SCPS personnel—instructional, supervisory, and administrative. The policy recounts the responsibilities of the superintendent in both ensuring the performance of evaluation throughout the division as well as record keeping expectations. In addition, the policy empowers the superintendent to designate others in the division to serve as personnel evaluators. Further, Policy GCN (2014) chronicles the division’s purpose for evaluation in terms of optimizing student learning, quality of instruction, teacher accountability, and leadership. Furthermore, it highlights a focus on fostering a positive working environment, effective communication, increased student achievement, and professional performance. A key focus of the SCPS Evaluation System is evaluating teacher growth and effectiveness. Hence, the title of the program was designed to reflect the focus—Teacher Growth and Effectiveness Model (TGEM). TGEM was implemented throughout the division during the 2013-2014…

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