Educational Plan For Teachers And Teachers Essay

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As such, the first part of our plan is to offer development that is appropriate for both the teachers and administrators. Part of this plan entails learning what steps need to be taken so that parents and community members have an ongoing relationship with different aspect of the learning community. Involving teachers in the planning process will be crucial if the implementation is to have a chance to succeed (Banks, 2013). In addition, as the learner in chief, in the interest of servant leadership (Green, 2013), should take part in the learning activities. On another note, it is important that teachers take collective responsibility for the training and implementation that will occur. In this manner, all people involved will work to implement this plan, and hopefully there will be less of a tendency to view the plan as “something administration is making us do.” As we develop the plan, we will keep in mind the “greater cause”, and assure that we show teachers exactly how the plan will positively impact not only student achievement, but the overall development of their academic background. We will share with our teachers the same research we used to decide what development to offer. This will be done because, according to Green (chapter 6), decision-making should also be done with integrity, …communicating with all stake-holders to ensure the quality of the decisions and acceptance.
We should also be open to the idea that the plan may need to change when the educational…

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