Educational Education : Special Education Essay

1252 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 null Page
Special Education Special education is a tough topic to address in schools. To what extent of a disability does a student need to have to qualify for assistance in the form of a 504 plan, an Individual Education Plan (IEP), or full special education? This essay will discuss the differences between the three and how the decision for placement is made. In addition, it will go over the benefits and disadvantages to full inclusion and partial inclusion, to both the special needs students and their teachers. Special needs student’s needs special care and instruction. While they can get some or all of that in a general classroom, sometimes it is best to pull them out for individualized instruction. With the specialized care and attention from all caregivers of these students, the special education students can succeed to the best of their expected abilities. All children learn and develop at their own pace. A child who may struggle with one or two subjects in school but is on track with the rest could benefit from a 504 plan. A 504 plan is an accommodation made for children in grades K-12 who have a disability. Generally, these children will be in their classroom full time and no changes will be made to the curriculum they are expected to learn. The changes to the expectations of instruction and assistance the child will be given is generated by a team at the child’s school. This team usually consists of the child’s teacher, the school counselor, the special education teacher,…

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