Essay about Education Should Be All Inclusive

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A professor once told me that history was the story of human progress. As I look back in retrospect, his statement was based on the assumption that mankind was in a perpetual state of forward progress; never standing still and never going backwards. I have grown, over the years, to believe, quite simply, that history is mainly the study of humanity since the advent of writing – an invention that gave man the ability to record past and present events. Rather man moves forward, remains stagnant or goes backwards rests solely on education, not only on his own education, but also the education of those whom he comes in contact with. I believe a proper education can uplift the minds of the oppressed as well as the oppressors. Belligerents are just as starved of a proper education as their victims are. Education should be all inclusive; students should receive a liberal education that emphasizes the diversity of humanity and enlightens them to the idea that they are not merely citizens of the countries they reside in but the world as a whole. Students are taught that citizenship comes with civic duty and responsibility; however, those duties and responsibilities are often reserved for the students’ home countries. Education should work to expand those responsibilities to all of humanity.
The word education is derived from the Latin word ‘educare’ which means “to bring up, to rise . . . to train or mode.” In its simplest form, education is the transferring of values from one…

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