Essay about Education Reform Act ( Era )

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Huitt (2013) states that the changes in society have not only changed human activity but also children and how they learn, the introduction of a ‘global society’ has made interaction more dynamic and it has left parents, educators and the government concerned as to how they should prepare children for a successful adulthood. Autonomy is an important factor in a place of learning as it allows the educator control over their decisions and methods of teaching (Samuels, 1970). Lawson (2004) continues the discussion saying, teacher autonomy is an important factor in recruiting and retaining good quality educators. Policy changes in the curriculum are believed by some to have limited the amount of autonomy held by the teachers by telling them what should be taught and when, the idea is to promote a higher standard of education (Mansell, 2013). Evans (1997) states that teacher morale began to reduce when changes in the 1988 Education Reform Act (ERA) occurred, such as the implementation of the National Curriculum. Evans describes morale as ‘a state of mind determined by the individual’s anticipation of the extent of satisfaction of those needs which s/he perceives as significantly affecting her/his total work situation,’ (1997) a reduction in teacher morale could affect the quality of the teacher-learner relationship. The practices of teachers today are dictated by ideological policies to ensure students receive a broad and useful education that prepares them for adulthood.…

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