Education Is The Process Of Learning And Is A Growth Development

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Khadejah Davidson
Mrs. Scudier
Literacy Narrative #1
Me in the Shoes of "Mother Tongue"
Education is the process of learning and is a growth development. Learning how to do…, why we do..., and when to do…, is all a part of a learning process. The more obtained the more growth. Learning is a construction site of the mind. The pre-acquired knowledge further develops with more added knowledge. The added on knowledge changes your thought process, making it more developed and amplified. School is the start of the manifold journey of education. However, knowledge of a minor’s development is often theorized as to where it may have initiated; starting in the home is often an overlooked factor of origin. Mother Tongue believes that “the language spoken in a family...plays a large role in sharpening the language of the child” (636).
In the home: taking first steps, saying first words, and learning rules to obey are all a part of a learning process; a growth development. All of which are based on what is comprehended can be from a surrounding and those interacting in the environment. Creating an instilled foundation. Mother Tongue apprised that “it has become our language of intimacy, a different sort of English that relates to family talk, the language I grew up with”(634). The social diversity spoken and understood at home went on for so long, and unacknowledged by Mother Tongue. A more informal intimate situation; topic, people, environment, it’s what she knew, and has…

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