Education Is The Most Powerful Key For Success Essay

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“One child, one teacher, one pen, and one book can change the world.” Malala Yousafzai. Education is the most powerful key for success. However, having a good education is the most important thing this these days. In the United States, not every child can have a good education. There are many different factors that could lead to inequality in education in the United States. Economic Status, disabilities, and race-ethnicity are the most important factors that lead to inequality in schools.
Children with Disability
Children with disabilities are not treated as normal children in schools. They don’t get the treatment that they deserve. “In public school today, children with disabilities are far more likely than their classmates to be disciplined, removed from the classroom, suspended and even expelled.” (Lewis. 2015) Moreover, Lewis also reveals that “Even more striking, a third of K-12 children with emotional disabilities –such as anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder– were suspended at least once, according to Daniel Losen, the lead author of the UCLA report.” The school must not suspend children just because they are different. The school should apply the same rules for all the students. According to Donald B. Holsinger, the school system can be a major reason to create inequality in education. That means, suspending children with disabilities is going to make disparities in education. Teachers that teach in public school are much less qualified in terms of teaching both…

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