Education Is The Art Of Accumulating Knowledge Essay

1449 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Education is the art of accumulating knowledge and utilizing that knowledge in everyday life. The lifestyle and the standards of the workplace have reformed massively for the American people since the birth of the United States. However, in the last couple of decades there has not been much innovation in our academics to keep up with the American ideals of diverse backgrounds in the workplace. The education system in place is only allowing a certain type of student to succeed on to the workplace, while not giving the rest of the students an opportunity to be a part of the workplace and create a varied American working class. In fact, throughout the years the United States has declined significantly in the realm of education, an issue also brought up in the work “Project Classroom Makeover” by distinguished scholar and professor at Duke University Cathy Davidson. Davidson examines the deficiency of deviation in the academic structure of the United States and the shortfall of the development needed by students to succeed in the fast paced workplace in her text. As the workplace is growing extensively at a rapid momentum the education system is merely not keeping up and is not giving students a favorable circumstance that will allow them to be a part of the collaborative labor force in America. Therefore, the American Education system should focus on individuals socially and monetarily in order to have more productivity and diversity in the working class satisfying the…

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