Education Is Important Today 's Society Essay examples

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Education is important in today’s society. Today, with an increase in immigrant children coming to this country it has come to the attention of many whether there should be classes spoken in their language or not. Education is incredibly important, and every child deserves to have an equal learning field. With that, children who do not speak English should be put in classes where their language is spoken to help them get through an already difficult transition; school. Success in this country lies in what kind of education one receives, and with the influx of minorities coming in to receive a good education one runs into the problem of what is the best way to teach English to these non- English speakers. The apparent best solution would be to create bilingual education. This solution is the most effective way to teach the language because it is predicted that by 2030, forty percent of students will be language minority children. With that statistic two types of bilingual educational programs were set in place. One program is that 90-10. This program is when ninety percent of the school day is taught in the minority language, and the last ten percent is taught in English. The other program is the 50-50 model which is when the school day is spilt. The split equally uses the two languages. Ultimately, “one of the main ideas is keeping the English and non-English speaking students together in all the classes” (Patzelt and Le, 2014,p. 559). The bilingual education programs…

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