Education Is An Important Part Of Today 's Society Essay

1797 Words Dec 13th, 2016 8 Pages
Education is an important part of today’s society. Education funding helps Americans better themselves and their future. Higher education funding will allow people to increase their knowledge and have superior skills into take to the workforce, which will result in a better economy. By educating America, it helps create more jobs. Education leads people to greater success and helps them become spectacular doctors, lawyers, teachers, officers and many other things. There are many aspects that go into education funding, and many ways schools are funded in America. Some of those ways are not fair to all students though. By balancing out the way schools are funded in America, it will create a fair and equal opportunity for students of all ages and incomes. The education system in America should receive more funding because it will better the youth, create more jobs, and benefit America. School funding in America is an issue right now and it is unfair. Lower-income kids are struggling in school because of the lack of funding their school receives from property taxes. It isn’t fair because students in richer areas receive more funding than those in the poorer areas. This isn’t fair because students don’t get to decide where they live at a young age, so why should they have to suffer from an unfair education funding system. Lower -income students have a lack of school resources compared to the students in richer neighborhoods. Property taxes should not determine the type of…

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