Education : Education And Social Class Essay

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Education & Social Class
Social class is about placing us in a category in terms of occupation, education, wealth, and prestige. There are three categories: high class, middle class, and low class. In terms of education, social class helps us understand the importance of education. Knowledge is power. My arguments about social class are that education should be looked upon as in its true meaning of variability instead of just its relation with school, schools shouldn’t just give students grades with no effort, and universities should be less expensive.
Education has a vast amount of learning capabilities. Of course from schooling to everyday activities. However, people that drop out of school and live the rest of their lives in “less intellectual” labor are considered, by educated people, non-intelligent. For example from an excerpt in Mike Rose’s article, “Blue Collar Brilliance”, “Intelligence is closely associated with formal education—the type of schooling a person has, how much and how long—and most people seem to move comfortably with that notion to a belief that work requiring less schooling requires less intelligence.” Basically we are generalized of our intelligence by what type and how much of schooling we have experienced throughout our lives. What they don’t come to understand is that people who are in the working field with not much of a schooling background, are being educated as much as a student in school is being educated. To enumerate from Rose’s article,…

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