Education As A Social Institution Essay

1577 Words Dec 7th, 2016 7 Pages
This quarter, we learned to critically think about education as a social institution. Throughout the course, we focused on the framework of education with the concepts of culture and language. My further understanding of student achievement and the factors that affect the outcomes of U.S. public schools has expanded immensely. After gathering research from the course authors, students were able to assess their knowledge through the video assignment. The video assignment allowed us to convey our research from this course in a concise manner. Therefore, we address the important concepts that uncover language and culture as empowering factors that lead to an inequitable education.
To begin, the two videos I have chosen to analyze are Group 2’s video titled “Culturally/Linguistic Relevant Schooling” and Group 21’s “School’s reproducing inequity”. Group 2 focused on the power of language. In their video, they emphasized how the minority status of students impacts their academic achievement. They also explore the advantages and disadvantages of bilingualism. The video author’s intent is to prove how learning the culture of power can amount to greater academic performance. Language and culture are seen as powerful components to gaining or losing agency and social capital. In contrast, Group 21’s video examines the harmful effects of inequity in schools because of the highly deficit-oriented structure. Educational inequality hinders access to particular careers, thus effecting…

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