Essay on Education As A Role For Every Individual

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Education plays a vital role for every individual in the day to day life. To be considered respectable or worthy of a job position, the first means of evaluation is normally the level of education that one has acquired. With that said, there are numerous institutions of learning; education begins when a person is less than 10 years all the way past high school. Primary school as well as high school education is usually considered compulsory in most countries but in the current century, tertiary education is also regarded to as very critical.
There are many disciplines taught in universities or colleges. Despite going through career counselors before picking their study subjects in the university, most post high scholars have no idea which courses they should pick. This leads to a lot of mixed thoughts and confusion which makes most freshmen wish that they were doing other courses. Among the many forms of education being offered out there, liberal education is considered quite important. This form of learning equips its learners with critical skills that enable students to deal with complex circumstances using the knowledge that they acquire. Depending on the area of interest that range from sciences, cultures or even the society, these students are able to acquire in depth learning making them well informed on the area.
Donald Kagan, in his book, what is liberal education explains what it means to be educated especially when it comes to tertiary institutions. He goes on to…

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