Earl Thorris On The Uses Of Liberal Education Analysis

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Alan Brown
Dr. Rasnic
English 1301
November 8, 2016
In Earl Shorris’ essay, On the Uses of Liberal Education, Shorris asks the question of what makes a person poor or not and what actions can be taken to reverse this. At first glance, we see that Shorris discusses the lack of education in poor areas. He originally began writing a book about the poverty in the U.S but after his experience behind the walls of a disciplinary institution, his view on poverty expanded. During his experience, he met with Viniece Walker, a guidance counselor, and requested her outlook on poverty. She suggested that poverty was a result of a lack of moral life downtown. To Shorris this meant that poverty was not just a financial issue; it is the lack of knowledge in
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He defines humanities as the foundation for getting along in the world, for thinking, learning and reflecting. Shorris then makes a comparison of factors between the qualities of threw rich and the qualities of the poor. Rich people know politics in the sense of being active with people at every level. They know how to negotiate instead of using force. I support the idea that teaching the poor the humanities will allow them to carry themselves in a manner that screams excellence. This will provide the poor with a very effective method of living in society. This teaching of humanities will not only for some, make them rich in terms of money, they will be rich in terms of life. Rich people are learning the humanities in private schools and expensive colleges. The logic behind these expensive schools teaching this kind of information is linked to the idea that in exchange for books and other materials, colleges will make you work hard and use the full power of your brain. Getting access to these kinds of courses will pave a path to success for poor …show more content…
There is absolutely no doubt that his ideas and experiences will go a long way in terms of improving the lives of those who live in the horrible shadow of poverty. We should all accept the fact that being poor is not the end of the world, we should look at it as an opportunity to redeem and become better. Being introduced to a lifestyle that involves being active with the community, taking on the world, and working hard will ensure life- long benefits. Escaping the evil, crime infested and hopeless void, otherwise known to Shorris as the “surrounding force”, will provide anyone with the motivation needed to become successful. To Shorris and the people he has encountered in his search of the question of what makes a poor person poor and how can someone overcome being poor, all goals can be achieved. The questions of will anyone who practices a political lifestyle receive benefits and will anyone who practices a political lifestyle encounter any roadblocks can be answered with a resounding

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