Education As A Privilege For A Select Few Essay

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Education use to be a privilege for a select few. Gradually, more schools appeared and schooling became mandatory. Whereas education past primary schooling previously had focused mostly on finding a passion or job, mandatory schooling became more focused on achievements. Both in sports and in academics, competition among youth increased. Due to this increasing competitiveness in schools, the love of learning is diminishing. When younger kids first start learning, they are eager to explore their world. Sherman Alexie describes his first experience in learning something on his own. He had figured out for himself what paragraphs were in reading and writing. He says, “I realized that a paragraph was a fence that held words. The words inside a paragraph worked together for a common purpose” (Alexie, 216). Alexie goes on to tell how he used this knowledge to change the perspective of his world, by seeing things in paragraphs, or groups. This love of learning may be common among curious children, yet high school systems see students who are more concerned about passing a test than learning. Education is becoming more about teaching and learning to a test than about gaining knowledge. Students are taught material and tested over and over again. Some classrooms are so strict that the students don’t dare to interrupt or ask questions. Kyoko Mori, in her book, School, says, “I would rather have students who question too much than those who assume I know best and don’t owe them any…

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