Essay on Education And Its Impact On Education

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Education is a controversial topic amongst Americans, personally and politically. It is argued in many different ways, especially on its denotation. Education is looked at in many different ways and its value to Americans is just as varied. Articles by Lawrence, Menand, Rose, Tierney, Brownstein, and The economist emphasize on the significance of a post-secondary education; however, they each have differences within their articles just as well as similarities. Each author has a similar presumption of education having a great value to people. They each believe that education is significant one’s life. Higher education is stated to be beneficial to students. However, the provided solutions and inter issues of these topics are differently presented and disagreed on when each author reaches the problem and solution of the value of a post-secondary education.
Rose, Menand, and Lawrence broadly have a similar connotation of higher education being defined as an advancement in a person’s academic, personal, and professional growth. It is intended to help a person gain character that is socially acceptable in the society in which one lives. She defines higher education at her college, Sarah Lawrence College, as “is an opportunity to expands their students “personal and professional trajectory”. Although this is similar to Rose and Menand’s interpretation of a higher education, Lawrence purpose behind her definition is to cover the cost of the college. Making her definition of…

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