Essay on Education And Future Generation 's Education

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Over the years, educational staff: Doctors, Professors, Teachers, have all argued what form of education should be implemented in our future generation’s education. The overarching question is, what is the purpose of our education system? Over the years we’ve been led to believe our level of education is correlated with how much profit we gain. Many believe, there are pushbacks and downfalls to this logic. Our generation’s education needs to focus on preparing our future generation for difficult tasks in society. Our education should prepare us for the following: a breadth of interests, our career, communication, and moral reasoning. First and foremost, one of the purposes of education is a breadth of interests for college students. According to Penn State’s “The Developmental Disconnect in Choosing a Major: Why institutions Should Prohibit Choices until Second Year”, almost 20 to 50 percent of freshman go in undeclared. College’s that provide a breadth of interest allow undeclared students to hopefully find the right major for them (Freedman 2013). It also allows an estimated 75 percent of students to change their majors when their interests change (Freedman 2013). A breadth of interests helps students continue to enjoy an education by exposing them to a variety of interests and topics. It can be described as an escape from concerns and difficulties that come with every major. As a result, students can avoid the tendencies to have “excessive specialization” in their major…

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