Essay on Education And Education Of The United States

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As many people know, there is no right to education in the constitution. In despite of this, there are many settlements in the United States that promote and encourage schooling and other educational programs. Because a constitutional right does not exist, it is a privilege to gain basic educational training or even higher learning. If education is a privilege, the adequacy of and attainability to educational programs for many depleted Americans remains scanty, and often not enough. In result, prison education becomes a matter left in the hands of prison administrators.
The availability of and accessibility to educational and vocational programs in prison have been challenged by inmates, or representatives, in copious suits based on constitutional grounds. In addition, there have also been challenges that concern the short fall of these programs. According to JaPaula Kemp and Marcia Johnson, in 1991 there were several prison inmates within Texas that called out the procedures of the Bureau of Prison’s transfer of prisoners to “contract facilities”, a place where these inmates would have had no accessibility to any type of educational programs. Due to the inmates not having a protected liberty interest, in educational programs and other educational opportunities, the court found that no violation had occurred. (Kemp &Johnson)
In 1965, a Higher Education Act was passed to assist in affording colleges for students that could demonstrate need. Along with the Act, the Pell Grant…

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