Education : A Social Structure Essay

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Education has been a social structure for hundreds of years. Education began as a way for men to gain more knowledge, then as time went on women could be educated too. Then soon, everyone no matter what race, gender or ethnicity were able to obtain an education in the United States. Unfortunately, the system started out unequal so there is inequality still present. The inequality in the education system tends to constantly affect minorities. The education a person obtains is impacted heavily now on where the person lives; minority groups tend to live in ghettos and poorer areas. Without a proper education, it is very hard for a person to move up the social ladder if they wish to. The problem is not only with moving up the social ladder, but the minorities are in a perpetual cycle of Poverty. Poverty is constant for minority groups and the sociological perspective of conflict theory agrees that inequality in the educational system benefits the rich while the poor suffers. Often times, minorities live in poor residential areas because houses tend to be cheaper and more affordable for the minority groups. This affects the educational system dramatically because the schools in the poorer neighborhoods tend to be worse off than schools in richer areas. This is a problem in the New York City public schools and the New York Times has published two articles addressing the problem. The "More New York City Schools join Diversity Initiative" article, talks about how some schools in…

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