Educating Support Reintegrating Military Families : After Deployment, Adaptive Parenting Tools

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Promoting Parenting to Support Reintegrating Military Families: After Deployment, Adaptive Parenting Tools
The article “Promoting parenting to support reintegrating military families: after deployment, adaptive parenting tools.” Discuses the psychological toll of the parent’s deployment (Gewirtz, Pinna, Hanson, & Brockberg, 2014).” This article also discuses that “children with parents deployed show increased anxiety conduct, and depression symptoms (Gewirtz, Pinna, Hanson, & Brockberg, 2014).” This article discusses the “ Military Initiatives to support service members and the increasingly broadening their focus from individual service to, military families, partly as a result of findings indicating the stress of deployment and reintegration on service members families, and partly as a result of the large body of literature indicating the inextricable link between individuals health and family health (Gewirtz, Pinna, Hanson, & Brockberg, 2014).”
The author conducted a study using ADAPT (After deployment, adaptive parenting tools) and one of the inclusions is that the military family must have at least one child between the ages of four and twelve. ADAPT is a web-based, group sessions for parenting training. The session for ADAPT where fourteen sessions. “Session 1 would work on building blocks of resilience; section two encouraging cooperation; session three is teaching new behavior; session four recognizing emotions; session five is responding to emotions; session six is…

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