Educating Students For Life After High School Essay

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We are not preparing our students for life after high school that is my take from Dr. Wagner’s message. Dr. Wagner identified critical skills that are needed for student success in the real world however those skills are not fostered in education today. Teachers are told to teach or utilize collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills in class however the tests students are required to take and show proficiency on , let’s not forget teacher’s ability to teach is measured by, multiple choice test that require absolutely no collaboration, communication or critical thinking. In the global economy students need skills we don’t teacher that is a problem. Our students are bored, they are dropping out of school or just not being successfully due to boredom, that’s concerning. If students don’t learn the way we as educators have taught for years it’s the student has a problem, it’s not the student it’s the education system. Dr. Wagner made several great points that caused me to really think about education in our country. Unfortunately it made me think is it even possible for me as a principal to really make a change, I hope so.
In the new global knowledge economy all students need new skills, skills we don’t teach or test. Dr. Wagner identified seven survival skills for career, college and citizenship that are necessary for students to be competitive in a global economy. Skill number one; critical thinking and problem solving, having the ability to ask good or…

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