Educating Patients With Scis And Caregivers Living Essay

1054 Words Apr 23rd, 2015 null Page
This project is developed to educate patients with SCIs and caregivers living in the New York City (NYC) and Long Island areas of New York as they are the main target audiences. Data that will be collected include responses of face-to-face interview questions to patients that center on function in daily living along with the awareness and access to resources. These questions will be evaluated in an appropriate intervention is determined based on the responses. The intended intervention is to improve daily functioning which can reduce developing conditions that affect the mental and social health of people living with SCIs, such as depression (World Health Organization, 2015). The project will specifically benefit persons living with SCIs and their caregivers because they can be familiarized or reinforced about the appropriate resources that are available to them. It can help them improve their access to them, which then leads to the better general health of the patient. The project will also benefit the agency, exclusively the health care professionals, because they can have an opportunity to become familiar with resources relating to SCIs, and being able to provide and connect patients with SCIs and their caregivers to them. This in particular could enable the health care professionals to be knowledgeable, reliable, and credible and develop rapport using sympathy or empathy. The project will benefit me because I can develop a new perspective and interpersonal…

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