Educating All Students : Creating Culturally Responsive Teacher, Classrooms, And Schools

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According the Brown’s article, Educating All Students: Creating Culturally Responsive Teachers, Classrooms, and Schools, “the dramatic demographic shift in the United States is more apparent in the public schools than anywhere else” (Brown, 2007, 57). Therefore, teachers and schools are being challenged to help students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in many different ways to make sure that they are receiving a high quality and equal education. “A positive or negative response could affect the self-esteem and academic success of students from these varied racial, cultural, and linguistic background” (Brown, 2007, 57).
By creating similar home and school cultures, teachers are working to make the transition from school life and home life less harmful for the students. One’s culture deeply affect’s the way children learn. “Teachers must develop a knowledge base for culturally responsive teaching by acquiring detailed, factual information about cultural particularities of specific ethnic groups. In addition, they must develop caring, consciousness, communication, and a sense of community within their classrooms” (Brown, 2011, 60). According to Brown, “for real reform to occur in today’s schools, a complete transformation must take place. It is not enough to have teachers change their teaching and classrooms to reflect their students’ diversity; the schools that they teach in must also become culturally competent educational systems” (Brown, 2011, 61).…

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