Essay Educated By A Tv Screen?

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Educated by a TV-screen? Many years ago when we didn 't have our beloved TV-screen, kids actually played and, socialist with each other. Maybe they read books or did outdoor activities including running and jumping. Compare to nowadays kids are spending a significant large number of hours in front of the TV watching and or, playing video games. At the same time research show that kids are getting less active and having social problems. That they are getting more and more violent and aggressive later in life. Is there a connection between these two statements? Is increased TV watching a health hazard or a step in the right direction? Does the TV prepare and educate our children for their future or is it just given them a false picture of reality? It is not difficult to see the damage done to children who spend too much time watching TV. I am convinced that excessive television viewing is harmful to children. I can agree that television viewing can stimulate the imagination, but to a certain limit. When it becomes an addiction and your child stops hanging out with their friends and preferring spending time inside siting down in front of the TV-screen, it has gone too far. We should take this subject very seriously and understand what the consequences of watching TV and playing violent video games could have. The TV has become an important role and product in families all over the world. Whether you have children or not, we can see one, if not several TV:s in today´s…

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