Essay on Edgar Allen Poe 's Life

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Life of Poe
Edgar Allen Poe is a very well-known author. Poe is known mainly for his short stories. The two main short stories we will dive in to and understand more about are
“Tell-Tale Heart” and “Cask of Amontillado.” In these two short stories, the main character is a mad man.This relates a lot to what we have always heard about Poe.It is interesting in reading these stories, and learning of Poe’s life. We will look in to how these stories and Poe’s life are similar.
Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. He was the second of three children. His parents died when he was very young. He was adopted by a wealthy tobacco merchant, John Allan, and his wife Frances. They lived in Richmond, Virginia.
Allan wanted Poe to become a business man and take over his tobacco business, but
Poe wanted to be a writer. “Early poetic verses found written in a young Poe’s handwriting on the back of Allan’s ledger sheets reveal how little interest Poe had in his tobacco business,” per This was very hard for Allan to comprehend and accept. Poe eventually left Richmond, after multiple falling outs with Allan, and returned to Boston where he married his cousin, Virginia, and found a job writing. Poe began selling his short stories to magazines. “After Virginia’s death from tuberculosis in

Hebert 2
1847, Poe’s lifelong struggle with depression and alcoholism worsened.” (Academy of
American Poets.) This may explain some of the morbid events in his short stories.
Many people…

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