Edgar Allen Poe 's Influence On American Literature Essay

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When thinking of American Literature, it’s difficult to pinpoint an author who absolutely hits the nail on the head about what exactly defines American literature and what it means. The definition is also liable to change depending on the person’s depiction of each story that is written. You cannot wrap it up into one sentence and call it a concrete definition; there is too much diversity and complexity within its significance. There are numerous centuries and different eras with vast connections and differences that must be considered when interrupting how American Literature has evolved. One can define it is the literature that is written or produced in the area of the United States (Giles), which is an exceedingly generic explanation and open for many categories. There are many influential American Literature authors who have shared trying stories about how our country has evolved. However, No one writer can transcend all genres or eras, but one that comes to mind for his extraordinary impact on American literature is Edgar Allen Poe. His work is unique and diverse which is the perfect example of American Literature.
Poe introduced several changes to the literary style of his time period. He was one of the first writers to develop the genre of both detective fiction and horror. Poe was renowned for focusing on the opaque side of the human nature. He can even be considered the father of the detective novels, science fiction, and modern short stories. As a novelist, poet,…

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