Edgar Allan Poe's Life And Death Did Not Have A Good Life

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Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe as we all know it did not have a good life. Death was the center of his life. Women figures in his life always died from tuberculosis. Each death always brought a poem of his love. Poe belongs in the Romanticism period based on his works. Poes journey begins January 19, 1809 in Boston. He is born as Edgar Poe his parents are Elizabeth Poe and David Poe Jr., he was one brother who is William Henry Leonard. Both of Poes parents are actors. “They travel a lot between different theaters” (Binns). David Poe Jr. was a hero of the Revolutionary war. Poes family had very little money, shortly after Poe was born his “father abandoned the family” (Binns). His mother Elizabeth becomes very ill she has tuberculosis, …show more content…
It is about a beautiful but painful memory of a long-lost love named Annabel Lee (“Annabel Lee Summary”). She was known very long ago when she was younger even as a child the author still fell in love with Annabel (“Annabel Lee Summary”). The poem goes on to say that they were so in love that the angels above were very jealous and angry of their love. This is why the author blames them for killing Annabel Lee and taking her away from him. He believes that he is being treated wrong by the angels. All he wants is Annabel back because he is still deeply in love with her. The author would do anything to get his love back. He does not care what the price will be he just wants to be with her again and be able to feel her. The author still sees Annabel in his dreams when he goes to sleep. He will not be separated from her no matter the cost. He deeply wants us (the readers) to know his love for Annabel Lee and how much he truly loves her despite that they were only kids when they first fell in love. In this poem you see that age does not matter when you truly love someone. You only get to love once and when you do it is a beautiful thing because it only happens once in a life time and you never get over it if you lose it. He still goes to her tomb every night and watches the stars with her. She is still very much alive to him because she is always in his memories. It may seem like a fairy tale but when you read it enough and analyze it it is very much

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