Edgar Allan Poe : A Master At Writing Dark, Gothic Stories Essay example

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Edgar Allan Poe was a master at writing dark, gothic stories. From stories about killing his wife, to ones about the days after a loved one’s death, Edgar Allan Poe knew how to write it, and write it well. He has left us a little puzzled on where his inspiration came from to write these kind of stories; did something happen to him as a child? Was he abused, beaten, or neglected? Or, did he just write this style because it was making people a lot of money? In this essay I will try to answer these questions and also add in how certain things happening during that time may have influence this too. Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809, and abandoned by his parents shortly after. Although he was never formally adopted, he was taken in by John Allan and later moved with them to England and was educated for a few short years there. Like all father-son relationships during teen years do John and Edgar’s relationship got rocky, and by the time Edgar went off to college John had little to do with him. Without a solid, supportive father figure in his life Edgar got into some trouble over gambling and dropped out of college. After all this happened, Edgar moved back to the U.S. where he began writing poems and books. (Barney) Edgar Allan Poe did not know it at the time, but these writings would someday become some of the most popular pieces of work from his time and in his style, the inspiration of many movies, and taught in nearly all schools. Poe did not have a story book childhood with…

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