Economic Inequality And Political Inequality Essay

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Through many centuries, equality has been a key feature in the United States. The definition of equality holds many ambiguities. There are various forms of equality and inequality worth discussing. In the United States, with a free-market trade, economic inequality has often been favored by America citizens rather than political inequality. Progressively, the inequality engrained in society over the last three decades helps explain why Americans prefer economic rather than political inequality. There is a conflict between economic inequality and political equality to the extent that the wealthy population influences the American political system more than people with less money and fewer connections due to the poor’s lack of political efficacy, time, and participation. There are many differing opinions to both economic and political inequality in the United States. This topic has been discussed since the founders of the United States’ Constitution worked diligently in providing a living document that could be revised and reinterpreted as time passed. The general consensus surrounding democratic values and equality is that all citizens should have an equal opportunity and equal influence in society. However, in a practical sense, that is virtually impossible. In the United States, a poll stated that “83%, indicated that, ‘compared the average person, people who grew up in rich families’ have a ‘better’ or ‘much better’ chance of getting ahead” (Schlozman, Verba, and Brady…

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