Economic Impacts Of Colonialism In Africa

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The idea of colonialism is to take resources from one country to use for the benefit of the colonizing country. There are several viewpoints about colonization and their impacts. Many believe there are numerous advantages of colonization within a country and several are against the infrastructures and hidden political agendas it brings about within the developed country.
It is quite evident that Africa was subject to Colonialism by the Europeans. Europeans extended their nation 's sovereignty over Africa and it’s people. They facilitated economic domination over their resources, labor, and markets. The impact of colonialism varied somewhat with each European power. The handful of European nations that dominated Africa as in Belgium, Great Britain,
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Therefore proving that Africans were left behind. The control of the local economy from African rulers was key to these Europeans. Although there were more bussiness, and employment the finish product was worth much more than the raw materials value. These African workers were exploited and so was the country of its raw materials. The economic goals of the colonialism were simple: to provide maximum economic benefit to the colonizing power at the lowest possible price. The import transformed into less money and the consumer became the beneficiary. A constant gap between the developed and developing nations.The push for commodity was based on the trading systems, a cash crop, the agriculture system, and by building a trade networking system. The linkage would become the total economic output of that regions demands over the colonizing state ( …show more content…
Little was done to develop trade between colonies. This directly exposing Europe’s monopolistic agenda towards Africa. As well as the influence of geo- political national measures that were put in place to benefit the greater power (Europe). Nations still trade more with overseas countries than with neighboring states. Prior to colonialism there was an emphasis on the empires relying on the taxing of foreign trade to finance government expenditures. There was a huge reliance on gold, but also on the levying of taxes customs

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